From Stress to Resilience

HeartMath® is a scientifically validated system of techniques and technologies that will help you to transform your stress, boost your resilience and empower higher performance.

HeartMath is easy to learn and the simple but powerful techniques can be used “in the moment”.

Their innovative emWave® and Inner Balance™ feedback technologies give you real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state and help you develop the ability to self-regulate.

HeartMath UK is dedicated to improving health, performance and well-being at home and in the workplace. We provide products, training and consulting services that build happy and resilient individuals, teams and organisations.

HeartMath was founded by Doc Childre in 1991 to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment – a state often referred to as “The Zone”, or  Coherence.

mBraining Ltd are certified HeartMath trainers and able to deliver the Resilience Advantage workshop.

What is HeartMath Resilience Advantage?

Would you, your organisations and teams benefit from learning how to;

in a word, become more Resilient!

If the answer is yes then this is the course for you!

Why Attend?

With the challenges of 21st century life we are all under pressure to deliver more for less and never before has being physically, mentally and emotionally resilient been so important – yet so many of us are becoming more and more stressed with our demanding lifestyles. Sustained stress over a long period of time has adverse and serious effects on our health and wellbeing.


The great news is that resilience is not something you are born with …it is something you learn.

Personal benefits of attending the Programme

•   Increase resilience while reducing stress, worry and fatigue and exhaustion.


Additional Benefits for Business


What you will learn

This HeartMath, high impact workshop delivers a tool kit of practical skills and techniques to enable you to respond dynamically and effectively to pressure, emotional challenge and change.

Increased resiliency significantly enhances the ability to retain composure, stay in charge of your actions, and perceive things more clearly both in business and personal life.

Building and sustaining your resilience capacity means understanding how you use your energy and how to replenish your energy reserves and gain clarity in the face of overwhelm.

You will be taught easy-to-learn self-regulation tools and personal resilience-building practices that will help you strengthen resiliency, improve decision making and increase productivity and become more physiologically and emotionally balanced.

In this 1 day workshop you will also discover the science of the Heart-Brain relationship and the benefits of Cardiac Coherence. You’ll explore what depletes you and what renews you, and you’ll practice how to shift from negative emotions to positive emotions in real-time and to achieve the performance you need, on demand.

You will also learn about the latest research findings from optimal performance research and new research on how attitudes and emotions affect co-workers, clients and stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will be able to;


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