mBIT Coach Trainer Certification is currently run by Master mBIT Trainers accompanied by co-founder Grant Soosalu.

Once you have completed your Coach Certification training, mBraining Ltd will give you full guidance and help securing a place on this programme.

Contact us now for dates and locations of our Coach Certification programmes.


In this 6-day training you will learn how to teach the mBIT Coach certification and receive your Certification as an mBIT Coach Trainer from mBIT International Pty Ltd .


As some of the first people trained as Certified mBIT Trainers in Europe, you will receive the following benefits…


“mBraining extends notions of both brain and mind. Steven Pinker famously says that ‘the mind is what the brain does. Oka and Soosalu suggest that a greater mind is a function of a greater brain, that comprising head, heart, and hara..”

Stephen Elliott, Author and Life Scientist, COHERENCE, USA   


It’s important to realise that this is an exciting stage of development for mBIT as a field and that as an mBIT Trainer YOU will be making a huge difference in the evolution of people’s lives. mBIT International and Grant have a deep vested interest in building close relationships and supporting the first key groups of mBIT Certification Trainers to help them spread mBIT around the world. So now is a very special time to get onboard with mBIT and make your mark with this fast growing and exciting new field of Coaching, Leadership and Personal Evolution. 


mBIT – Multiple Brain Integration Techniques

mBraining –  The process of aligning your multiple brains using mBIT methodology


Align your training for multiple brains

“It is incredibly life enhancing when our multiple brains work harmoniously together to produce generative wisdom in our lives.”


Evidence for multiple intelligences outside the head brain is shown by common expressions such as…

These expressions all indicate in their neurolinguistics that intelligence, wisdom and intuition are occurring in the regions of the heart and gut.


As you know, mBIT brings together neuroscience with ancient wisdom and the power of NLP and Behavioural Modelling. By becoming an mBIT Trainer you will learn to train the multiple brains, unlocking the emergent wisdom of your clients and participants. By embracing this leading edge methodology you’ll position yourself as a trainer who leads generative change in the world.

Act now and become an integral part of the co-creation of the growing and developing field of mBIT around the world.


mBIT International Pty Ltd Agreements with you:


The Trainers Training Fee includes:


Who this training is for;


Why do this training now

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